Waynesburg University PA License Plates

Waynesburg University now offers the opportunity for its Alumni and Friends in Pennsylvania to purchase specialty PA license plates. We are so pleased to be able to offer this item to those who want to show their Waynesburg pride!

The process will include the Alumni Office sending you the specialty PA license plate form and then you sending this application back to the Alumni Office in a pre-paid envelope. All of this information and necessary instructions will be available to you in the packet that you will receive when you sign-up here. Orders will be placed in November and June of each year.

Important Information to Know When You Receive Your Application:
As Waynesburg University works with PennDOT on this program, there are some guidelines that we MUST adhere to in order to ensure that the process runs with the highest efficiency.
    • Fill out sections A, D and E on the enclosed form and return it to the Alumni Office, along with your check made payable to Waynesburg University, in the enclosed, pre-paid envelope. The cost is $35—$6 of which is a tax-deductible gift to the University. The plate will come with one registration card. There is an additional fee of $1.50 apiece for any extra registration card(s) you may need. PLEASE DO NOT SEND ANYTHING TO PennDOT! That will only delay the process.

    • When you receive your annual registration renewal in the mail from PennDOT, proceed as you normally would. When you receive your plate in the mail, a registration sticker will be included.

    • You cannot gift a specialty plate. The form must be filled out by the person to whom the vehicle is titled and registered.

    • There is a 4-6 week turnaround time on the plates once PennDOT receives the order. We will place orders twice a year in November and June.

    • If you have any questions, you MUST direct them to the alumni office at 724-852-3256—DO NOT CONTACT PennDOT!

    Sign-up here to have the application for your Waynesburg University specialty PA license plate mailed to you!
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