Previous Homecoming 2012 Updates

    Previous Homecoming 2012 Updates

    February 2012 Update

    Mark your calendars now for Homecoming 2012, to be held on October 5-6, 2012!

    March 2012 Update

    Spring greetings from Waynesburg University!

    It is not too early to book your hotel reservations for Homecoming weekend!  The Alumni Relations team has reserved a block of rooms at two area hotels:

    100 Comfort Lane
    Waynesburg, PA 15370
    (724) 627-3700
    $82.80 double or single

    300 Comfort Lane
    Waynesburg, PA 15370
    (724) 627-0310
    $95 suite
    $85 double
    $75 single

    Call by September 21, 2012 to receive the special WU rate.  Reservations are limited!  Call today!

    April 2012 Update

    Homecoming is only six months away and we are beginning to firm up the schedule.  Here is a listing of the special reunions for 2012:

                    1952 – 60 years

                    1957 – 55 years

                    1962 – 50 years

                    1967 – 45 years

                    1972 – 40 years

                    1982 – 30 years

                    1992 – 20 years

                    2002 – 10 years

                    2007 –   5 years


                    Bonner Scholars -20 years

                    Nursing – 25 years

     If you haven’t already, you should be receiving more information about these reunions in the mail soon! If you are not celebrating a special reunion this year there are activities being planned for you too. Keep watching for more monthly Homecoming 2012 updates!

    May 2012 Update

    5k Run & Walking- Training and health tips

    General Benefits and Information:
    • Cardiovascular exercising, such as walking and running, when performed multiple times per week can help lower the chance of cardiovascular disease,
    • Exercise has been shown to help decrease the chance of Diabetes, Obesity, and Lipid (aka: Fat) Abnormalities
    • The heart is a muscle and like any muscle it can be strengthened.  Strengthening the heart enables it to be more efficient. Increased efficiency enables the heart to beat with less strokes when working to adequately meet the oxygen needs of the body.
    General cautions:
    Before starting any physical exercise program it is highly recommended to consult with your primary physician. Doing so will help make sure that there are no underlying conditions that might hinder your ability to exercise.

    Training Tips:
    • Cardiovascular activities:
    Younger generation- touch football, basketball, running, biking, swimming, hiking, rowing, racquetball, etc.
    Older generation- Walking, Swimming, Biking, Dancing, Yard work, Water aerobics, etc.
    • Doing several different exercise activities will help one not to experience overuse injuries and therefore, keep one interested in working out.
    • If you do not do cardio activities regularly, it is recommended to begin slowly and gradually increase.  For example, begin by walking 15 minutes each day for the first week.  Next, bike for 20 minutes, or swim for 10 minutes. 
    Extra information:,,
    Written By: Benjamin Abbott, Class of ’12
    Edited By: Michele Kabay, Director of Athletic Training

    Fletcher G, Balady G, Blair S, Blumenthal J, Caspersen C, Chaitman B, Epstein s, Sivarajan E, Froelicher V,  Pina I, Pollock M. “Statement on Exercise: Benefits and recommendations for Physical Activity programs for all Americans.” American heart Association, inc, 1996; 94:857-862. Print. 

    June 2012 Update

    The schedule is beginning to take shape for us to 


    to Waynesburg University!  

    We will have great activities for all ages. Some of the activities we are working on include:


    Alumni Pep Band Rehearsal

    Women’s Tennis

    Dinner in Benedum Dining Hall

    Women’s Soccer

    Chapel Service with the Waynesburg University Football Team

    Outdoor Coffee Bar

    Waynesburg Idol Finale


    5K Walk/Run

    Lamplighter Reunion

    Bonner Reunion

    Nursing Reunion

    Class Reunions

    Come-and-Go Brunch

    Family Festival

    Young Alumni Gathering

    Yellow Jacket Football vs. Grove City College

    Alumni Halftime Tent

    Young Alumni post game gathering at Waynesburg Press

    Waynesburg University Alumni and Friends Recognition Reception and Banquet

     July 2012 Update

    Attention Young Alumni!  
    We will welcome you soon to 
    Homecoming 2012! 

    If you graduated in the last decade (2002-2012)-look at what we have planned especially for you…


    Join us for Young Alumni pre-game activities at the Alumni Tent at John F. Wiley Stadium. Plan on meeting your friends at the tent at noon for refreshments, music, games, activities and more hosted by the Future Alumni Society.


    After a Jacket victory we will gather at Waynesburg Press (coffee bar) on High Street.  Owner: Craig Pellegrini ’06


    Watch for a complete schedule for your Homecoming Weekend to arrive in your mail in August. As always, please contact the Alumni Office if you have any questions (724) 852-3256.

    August 2012 Update

    We are excited to WELCOME YOU HOME

    October 5 & 6, 2012


    Your invitation should be arriving any day and it is complete with your Homecoming 2012 schedule and registration information.


    Don’t miss out on the many activities we have planned for all ages!!

    Reunion years

    1952, 1957, 1962, 1967, 1972, 1982, 1992, 2002, 2007

    Bonners, Lamplighters, Nursing, Pep Band Reunions

    JacketFest- a new on-campus festival for all ages

    Campus Tours

    16th Annual 5k Run/Walk

    Pep Rally and Fireworks

    Tennis, Soccer and Yellow Jacket Football

    Alumni and Friends Recognition Banquet

    and more!


    If you have graduated in the last decade we have created new events just for you including special activities at the John F. Wiley Stadium before the game and a post-game gathering at

    Waynesburg Press- Owner, Craig Pellegrini ’06.


    Register online at

    Or return the registration card included in your invitation.


    Questions? Please contact Mary Fox, Alumni Event Planner, at or 724-852-7677


    September 2012 Update

    21 Days Until 
    Homecoming 2012 


    Mark your calendars for JacketFest, a new feature at this year’s Homecoming celebration. Bring your children, grandchildren and families to campus to enjoy this festival for all ages. 

    Join us for refreshments, games and activities Saturday, October 6, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the University’s Johnson Commons. Your youngsters will enjoy the skills of our face-painter and balloon-artist, as well as the children’s crafts and games. 

    Students from campus organizations will be on hand to provide tours of the University you’ve come to call home. We’ll also offer a magic show, music and other entertainment. 

    Don’t forget to stop by JacketFest before the big game!

    As always, please contact the Alumni Office if you have any questions (724) 852-3256.

    Register online at
    Or return the registration card included in your invitation

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